Onelle Peach Face Wash
Enriched with the cleansing ingredients of Peach fruit extract and Aloe Vera. It gently cleans off impurities and removes dead skin cells, while delivering moisture at the same time. This mild face wash effectively improves the complexion and elasticity of...
Rs 560
Onelle Tamarind Moringa Liquid Cleanser
This mild and gentle cleanser removes dirt, excess sebum, and makeup effectively, leaving skin feeling supple and smooth. Key ingredients containing AHA, antioxidants and astringents help to refine pores and enhances overall complexion.Ingredients: Aqua, Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L. ), Moringa...
Rs 650
Face Wipe
Tired of realising that you’ve yet again run out of disposable makeup wipes or cotton pads at the end of a long day? Well we’ve got the perfect, sustainable solution for you- reusable facial rounds. Simply use, wash, dry and...
from Rs 1,440
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