Tribe Day is (Almost) Finally Here!


The journey we started with you and the homegrown businesses and local communities of Sri Lanka is hitting yet another milestone as we go past the first anniversary of the launch of our e-commerce platform. So What better a moment than this to tell you how it all began?

Sri Lanka is an island full of natural resources, and a culture so rich which enables numerous opportunities for the islanders to work on their own craft and build up careers of their own. Thousands of entrepreneurs with utmost potential have put their hearts into making their businesses grow but what they needed was a platform to springboard their ideas and creative ventures. Enter Tribe; a lifestyle platform built around a community of homegrown sellers filled with authentic goods of pure global scale standards.

Tribe’s first-ever retail store opened in November 2019 at One Galle Face Mall, today’s pick of shopping in Sri Lanka, and made a huge step forward by launching its e-commerce platform in May 2020. To have started with 20 brands rounded off and see us today with 200+ authentic homegrown sellers joining hands together to create an international customer base clearly sums up the success story of Tribe and we’re humbly proud to have become the pioneers of homegrown shopping in Sri Lanka. We extended our variety of services with a second online store, ‘Tribe Fresh’ which was launched to revolutionize traditional grocery shopping and deliver the endemic essence of freshness right into shopping carts.

We in Tribe started off with 7 members and now a team exceeding 25 stakeholders, an incredible army of hardcore enthusiasts who would stop at nothing to make their customers satisfied at heart. Every day we think out of the box to uphold Sri Lankan identity in shopping where, irrespective of job titles or working hours we as a team, will ensure that our customers get what they need, when they need it, exactly how they needed it to be.

Tribe wouldn’t have come this far if it weren’t for the endeavors of extraordinary individuals behind each brand we share. You helped us grow for you and delivered the quality and trueness of your goods as promised and contributed largely to Tribe in becoming a globally recognized brand. As you grow, we grow, and thank you for choosing us to grow with. So kudos to making Tribe the go-to online marketplace in Sri Lanka.

Dear customers of Tribe…a year ago, we made a little garden. We planted our seeds of hope in bringing up the inheritance of Sri Lankan entrepreneurs within reach of your fingertips. Privileged entirely to become the voice of one hard-working community, we wanted to see the authenticity reach your doorsteps with ease. And you joined hands with such sellers of Sri Lankan goodness and took a great leap of faith. Thank you for counting on us to let them come into your life. Thank you for looking after Tribe and becoming a very own part of it where you and I share one thing in common, the pride of this nation.

This month we have exciting things coming your way ahead of Tribe Day so stay tuned!

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